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 ảnh hoa hồng Mme Charles Sauvage by Norman Sparnon
ảnh hoa hồng Mme Charles Sauvage by Kasumi Teshigahara.
ROSE ‘’Mme Charles Sauvage’’

Materials: Rose ‘Mme. Charles Sauvage’ HT. bleached weeping mulberry, Bleached weeping willow
Container: Glass Bowl
Style: Moribana
Seasonless species blooming on vine, the flowers have strong necks. Its yellowish orange petals bend outward after coming into bloom. Leaves are soft and not very large. Flowers bloom to be about 3 inches in diameter.
Arrangement:Although this is Moribana, materials are arranged without using a needle point holder because the container is transparent.
Weeping mulberry is placed on the bowl upside down, and the rose is inserted in the center. The long Stem of the rose, bearing only one flower, characterizes this arrangement.
Ceramic or any other type of container may be used while weeping mulberry can be substituted by some other kind of dried branches to constitute the primary form and movement, and a single-flower stem is given emphasis in the arrangement.
by Kasumi Teshigahara